Have managed to add a couple more TH's to my collection, but can't seem to find the last one in the 2009 series, which of course is a very appropriate one for me .... the Fire Eater. As far as I know, this is the first time HW has done a fire dept related TH. Maybe some kind person will find a spare for me. I have a few swaps available.

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I will keep my eyes out for ya Gary.......I seen a Super and reg together on Ebay go for 104.00...Plus shipping......LoL
Ouch!! I guess I will just have to be patient and keep looking. Thanks Jon. p.s. loved the tuned schoolbus video.
I'll be on the lookout for you Gary if I find one it's yours!

Tis right here, jus waiting in case you found 1 yourself.
Thanks John. Anything I can try and find for you in return?
Fantastic Johnno. You're the best. Wonder why everyone I know here in NZ has found a super but not a regular?
Just found my son a reg. this morning, I'll keep my eye out for another one for ya.
Gary, thus far absolutely no reg Fire Eaters have been found here, only supers. I had hoped Colin was passing by this weekend, he could have grabbed yours for you. Still, you know it is here, all safe and sound.
Have a Great Day,
Thanks heaps Steven. Wonder why regs are harder to find than supers in this case??
Hi John. I caught up with Colin yesterday at the Emergency Services open day. Hope you are bearing up.
Must just be in your area, thats not the case here.
I have one Fire eater Regular and Super Hunt, I will like to trade if you are interested.

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