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I like the '59 Caddy Funny and 55 Panel on the Delivery Series. Have all of 2009 Dragstrip Demons minus the Altered Fiat, Don't think I have enough wall space for 2010 as much as I like 'em! Nice putting them all together here Jon thanks.
so far the only 2010 i have is the dmc be carefull if ya open one and close the hatch ya will neer git it back open o-0
Looking hard for the Delivery Series, there is 10 in the set I would love to have. Other than that I haven't seen or heard of anything to get to excited about. Looks like it my be a good year to get caught up on some older stuff, unless they have alot of nice mail in/RLC stuff this year that sucks the wallet dry.

Couple of cool cars in the Delivery and Garage series. Disappointing mainlines though although I did like the DMC and VW SP2. Really didn't like most of the paintjobs on the mainlines in 2010 and it looks like 2011 will be more of the same.

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