Hi There! I have seen many sites dedicated to diecast. Rarely though have I seen anyone pay special attention when photographing their cars, trains, planes, etc. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. After all, you guys are car collectors, not photographers, right? I am a photographer who just happens to come into your world once in a while to play. (I like the toys:) So here's my 2 dimensional addition. I have over a hundred images in my virtual garage.


If you like what I've posted here, you'll love the images on my site! These cars are all 1:18 scale. Double click the thumbnails as they scroll past and I bigger image will pop up.  Go ahead and D/L a desktop! Voted best toy image for 2009 Q4 on www.toycollectors.com 

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I love taking pics of my diecast and other toys and I am not a photographer but love taking pics. I am going to be uploading a bunch of pics soon.
Great pics Dan, love the Cougar Eliminator and Batmobile!

PS: loads of evil popups on the toycolletor site, whole bunch of 'em.

Thanks for sharing!
Here are some of newest pics. I think I have the setup down now but still would like to kill the little bright spots when my cars are in different angles.

I don't really see any harsh hotspots Charlie. You need some to make it look shiney and give it 3 dimensionality. The most difficult thing to capture is chrome. You've done pretty good there! The second most difficult thing to capture is black. You seem to have caught some of that as well!

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