I've been collecting diecast for over 20 years now and have built up quite a collection.  I started out collecting Hot Wheels but gave up in the late 90s from trying to keep up with every colour and variation.  Around that time I discovered the Johnny Lightning quality and continued to collect up them until about last year.  They stopped selling them in Canada and the quality has fallen off dramatically.  Recently I've started buying Code 3 Collectibles. It seems like since the company announced their demise, the value of these diecast has come down quite a bit, making them somewhat affordable.  I have also recently taken up photography and am trying to take pictures of my collection to share with you all.   Here are the blogs that I am updating at the moment.


http://mytoycars.blogspot.com - this is my diecast collection

http://code3diecast.blogspot.com - this is my code 3 collection

http://wheelswaps.blogspot.com - minor customs for JLs and HWs

http://dios4diecast.blogspot.com - this is where i like to play


I've been on facebook for over a year (mytoycars or ottomo bile) and just recently joined twitter @mytoycars.

sorry for the long read!




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Hello! Welcome! You have some nice looking cars.

thx for the welcome Steven!  what do you collect?

Hot Wheels before 1992, mostly semi trucks now.

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