sorry i have not been on here in sometime. ive been on the hotwheels site, but they are strict on what you can and cannot post, which i think is stupid. anyway what have i missed and what is new?


i do have some cars i wanna sell, but ill get to that later, im out of town for the weekend. how is everyone doing?



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Hi Mike, how have you been? Haven't ben on here much myself, but after changing up my collection I'm back. Hope to see you on here more often.  If you haven't joined Melvin's, '77-'89 blackwalls/hot ones group yet, you should, I think it whould be a good one for you.


And speaking of '77-'89 cars, any of those for sale?


Talk to you soon, Steve

hey steve!no i dont have any for sale lol...usually i hold onto those... all i have gotten lately was some reg th's here and supers :'( i did get 2 buick riveras at bi mart so you might wanna check them out asap! and i got a reg datsun th at wallys the 4th one hahaha.... been hunting hard but reg's is all im seeing... im going to try to be on here more often!

Glad your having good luck, hope you find some $upers soon, I know you like those. Nothing around here, but I don't check the stores much. Spend my time looking for older stuff, I'll keep you in mind when I'm out looking.

i know you gave up on those but if you happen to find some at fred meyer like the registers or whatever let me looking for the super custom '62 chevy truck from this year....
I'll let you know if I find one.

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