Just Some Vintage Hood Ornaments For The Old Dodge...

While They Don't Look that Great In Photos They Have Been Stuffed Away In a drawer For Oh a couple Years Now.

I Have Had Them On DisplayTill I Needed The Space For Other intrest, Though After A little Elbo Action And The rite Tub Of Polish Man U'd Be So Surprized How Nice They Cleanup, as With Most Vintage Ornaments though They are Not compleetly without fault iether.To Get The rite One Well U Know That Story without It Even Being Told I Guess .

So Just Some food for Thought The Holy Grail In The hood Ornament World I've Heard Is The pierce Arrow Ornament & Well I don't Have that one Yet !Though I Do Have Quite A Few Others :)  !

Maybe we should Show Some Off Every Now & Then .

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i have some old auto name plates myself 64 mercury montclaire script off moms first car a plaque dad made after he totalled his 67 elcamino has the chevrolet and elcamino scripts plus the original keys also have the plymouth name plate block off the car i came home in when i was adopted 73 satelite coupe . i watch these american picker shows and wish i could do something similar but aint that rich for one and no van LOL!!!!!
Yea Know What You Meen LOL,I'm Just Abit Of A Pack Rat LOL,So I've Gatherd Tags & Lots Of other Automotive Odds & Ends Over The Years ! Some In Very Good Condition, Some Not.
I Do realy Like Truck Insignia & Such Too.
I Have A Very Cool Nude Woman, I Seen A Very Short Glimps Of It In An allen Jackson Vidio Something Bout A Mercury.
will the vid is crazy bout a mercury it was off alan jacksons 2nd album the two 50 mercs in that vid have been to charleston a few times but never had a cam handy when i saw them ....

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