I've been seeing a lot of custom 'slammed' Muscle Machines for sale and I really like some of them. They aska LOT for them, considering it seems to me that there's not a lot of work involved, especially if all they do to customize them is slam them.

Here's an example:

Is it just a matter of shaving down the part where the screws go in and/or using shorter screws? (which are already pretty short) I wouldn't mind trying to make one, and I doubt any of these guys that make the customs would tell me how... ;)

P.S. I dunno what section this should go in. It doesn't really fit any of them. Should we maybe have a 'how to' or 'general discussion' section?

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By "slammed", do you mean "lowered"? Sorry, a lot of the terms you guys use leave me confused.. I have yet to lower any models, but, would imagine shortening the posts and using shorter screws would do it...Customizing is still relatively new to me so there is much for me to learn yet. As for sharing info, IMHO, we are here for each other, why hold back. All of our life is a lesson, therefore, passing on our knowledge to others should be regarded as a mark of respect.
Yep, slammed = very much lowered. :) Also, 'chopped' means lowering only the roof, 'channeling' means cutting the floor to lower the body, and 'sectioning' means cutting a horizontal strip out of the body to lower its overall height (rarer and more labor-intensive than the other techniques, but can look really great!)

There's a good hot rod terminology list here: http://www.olskoolrodz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=32823

And I also agree about sharing information. It would certainly be nice. There are actually a couple of my Jadas that I'd like to increase the height of! (the Ford GT for sure)

P.S. A 'how to' section could also bring model making techniques into discussion. I know it's primarily a die-cast site, but really, I see it more as a place for car lovers in general to gather. And if you happen to dig die-casts, great! ;)
well first find the perfect set of wheels then cut your favorite diecast ,lil modding for axles and them test fit cut test fit them cut ,till you find the perfect setting you like
Good stuff, skip. :) Maybe I should try it with something small first, huh?
Here is how to chop the top. It's more work than you would think.
Slamming them is easier if the wheels fit up into the fenders.
That's the first time I've seen a chopped die cast. Looks good! Thanks for the link.
Check out my customs gallery to see some more chopped Hot Wheels. I did a Mustang I just love. My 40 Ford came out great too.
I would love to check out your customs gallery, but...I have no idea where it is. :p I looked at your profile and I see nothing.

I like this site, but man, it sure isn't user friendly. Not to me, anyway.
Wow,Thats Crazy Cool! I've Done Just A Couple Of Customs Recently & Findout By That Link I'm On The Rite Track,Very Neat Stuff Guys,Thanks For helping Us Out With The Tips ! Cooooool !!!!!!!
The custom gallery on my custom page.

Ohhhh! :p I didn't realize that was your page. I thought maybe you were just showing an example from some random page. Haha.

Lots of nice stuff! I guess for some of them, you get wheels and tires from all sorts of brands, huh? Engines too?
I like realriders so I use a lot of wheels off of Johnny Lightnings. I love using the redline realriders but they are hard to find at a decent price. Engines I use Hot Wheels. I am partial to the Roger Dodger motor.

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