Papa John (of Papa John's Pizza) is looking for the Camaro he used to own and is offering a $250,000 reward for anyone who can find it for him! Go to to see the car you are looking for!

2009 FE 2009-001 2009 Nissan GT-R white-chrome OR dk chrome wheels
2009 FE 2009-016 AMC Javelin-lt OR dk green
Cars Movie Gold Rangsburg McQueen-Dec 2009
Cars Movie Mater the Greater Stunt Set-Mater-red white blue
Color Shifters 2009 1967 Camaro-blue to white
Color Shifters 2009 1977 Dodge Van-orange to green
Color Shifters 2009 Off Track-white to orange
Color Shifters 2009 RD06-white to black
Color Shifters 2009 TBird Stocker-gray to purple
Color Shifters 2009 Unobtainium-white to red
Hallmark 2009 Cars Movie Keepsake Ornament-$15-Lightning McQueen and Mater
Hallmark 2009 Hot Wheels Keepsake Ornament-$16-
HW City Works 2009-113 Ice Cream Truck-red-tampo varis
HW Classics 5 WALMART 30 CAR BOX SET 2009-all cars WILL HAVE Real Rider wheels and the colors are EXCLUSIVE to this set:
Amc Greased Gremlin-black
Copper Stopper (aka. Paddy Wagon)-chrome
Studebaker Avanti-black
1970 Hemi Challenger-pink
Hammersled Bike-black
Custom 1956 For Pickup-green
Fish'd & Chip'd-turquoise
1970 Pontiac GTO Convertible-orange
1947 Chevy Fleetline-blue
Tucker Torpedo-chrome
Street Rodder-black
1965 Pontiac Bonneville-red
1970 Monte Carlo-black
1958 Edsel-pink
2001 Mini Cooper-chrome
8 Crate-black
1959 Cadillac Funnycar-orange
1929 Ford Pickup-purple
Deco Delivery-pink
Chevelle SS Express-red
Custon 1966 GTO Wagon-purple
1962 Corvette-pink
Aston Martin DB4GT-black
Dune Daddy-blue
Combat Medic-gray
Convoy Custom-chrome
Texas Drive 'Em-red
Studa Beaker-blue
1972 Ford Ranchero-blue
School Busted-pink

HW Racing 2009-071 Corvette C6R-yellow
HW Special Features 2009-094 Urban Agent-white
HW Kmart Day is Sept 19 2009 9am
HW Kmart Day Sept 19 2009...1967 Pontiac GTO is the mail-in car
Larrys Garage 1957 Chevy Bel Air-lavender
Larrys Garage 1963 Split Window Corvette-black
Larrys Garage Dairy Delivery-black and silver
Larrys Garage So Fine-lt blue and white
Muscle Mania 2009-078 1967 Shelby GT500-red
Muscle Mania 2009-078 1967 Shelby GT500-yellow-seat slid back or moved towards dash
Muscle Mania 2009-086 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8-green
Rebel Rides 2009-139 Custom 1962 Chevy Pickup-orange
San Diego Padres 1969 Pontiac GTO-white-7-19-09 (Padres-vs-Rockies)
Sweet Rides HW Delivery-Charms-red and white
Sweet Rides Ice Cream Truck-Dots-yellow
Dan Hammond
HW Dan's Info Site

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Dan... Thanks so much for your Hard work and dedication to the Hobby!! We all thank you for keeping us up to date!!! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday today!!

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