What About How Tos.

I'd Like to Learn More About How Different Diecast Are Restored.

Repaired Or Customized.

Those Awsome Paint Jobs!

Tricks & Tips & Such.

Question & Answer Type Stuff Maybe.

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We are working on a few of your Ideas and suggestions for sure William!!
Thats Great!This Is A really good Place As is,I'm Just trying To be helpfull.
If I'm going to do The Diecast Thing On A Site,I'm going to be Active Where Possible.
Let me Know Anything I May Do to Be Helpfull Too,Thanks.
How tos, tricks and tips HMMM That would be a spectacular idea!!! I would love for some of these people sitting on the custom secrets to share. Anyone know how they uncard a hot wheel so you can put it back? If you share I will share my secret to making any set of wheels work without drilling the casting! Not a rumor but an actual process! Awesome Topic!!!! Hope we see more response's
I'm In!!! Lets do It I'll Be Shure Ta have Something ta Toss in the Purse!!!
Ok William it's done!

i will be adding some how to's as soon as i get moved and some paint mask and air brush video's and chopping 

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