have these for trade




only 150 of each of these made



detroit muscle  m2

R12 gold gto limited

R14 gold 70 ford mustang mach 1 with flames on side limited


also need these

detroit muscle  black n gold R13 gto judge chase


auto projects gray primer 70 ford mustang boss 429 chase

I do have several trade lists both m2 chase and hotwheels


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Hope ya don't mind Steve...I fixed up your post a little bit...

I started last year to collect some of these M2 chases as well.....Love to trade for all those...just don't have what your looking for Buddy!! Hope ya have some good luck chasing those down!!

Yeah I am hoping to find the last few I need
I just found the 69 GTO Pep Boys Chase just before X-Mas......I need to sanp a few pix and post'em up!!

steve50fla said:
Yeah I am hoping to find the last few I need

I need the Ground Pounders Limited 1969 Ford Mustang GT to help complete my set. Do you still have it, and would you be interested in selling it? PLMK




Was still wondering if you would be interested in selling the Gound Pounders Limited 1969 Ford Mustang GT. PLMK




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