The diecast car that made the most lasting impression on you

So which diecast car made the most lasting impression on you from your youth? For me it was the Hot Wheels Custom Firebird and the Matchbox '64 Pontiac Grand Prix. Those two helped to set me on course to be a lifelong Pontiac fan. Of course, the two Pontiacs my parents had in the late sixties and early seventies, with those powerfull 400 engines, helped too!

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For me it was the Hotwheels Purple Passion and the 36 ford coupe My first car was a old Mercury  & I like the old fords


Well, I don't know about my childhood cars making an impression, but maybe it was one of the car that I DIDN'T get that  made an impression. I had  Matchboxes and Hotwheels ,etc, as a kid, but like a lot of people, I moved on to other things like 1:1 cars. About 1982 I went to a huge swap meet at Stafford CT. speedway, and while looking around in one of the outbuildings was a vender with a massive collection of old Hot wheels for sale. This guy had literally hundreds of minty cars, all under glass . Now, theres a lot of cool redlines, but the one I never got was the Jack Rabbit special , the car that was in the Hot wheel cartoon (one of my favorite shows as a kid) . Ignoring all the other cars, I bought just that one , but after getting  the "one that got away" , My passion for collecting Redlines started.

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