Just wondering how many people here watch the BBC car show "Top Gear." (there's Top Gear Australia, too, but I haven't bothered with the second season) I've been watching it for several years now. It's one of my favorite shows on TV. Somewhat informative, but more importantly than that, it features great cars and is very funny to boot.

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I catch when I can... But Good Ole You Tube has them somewhere!! LoL!
Even though I live in Canada, I actually watch them only a few hours after they air. There are some very zealous capturers out there. One source is finalgear.com, or I can send you a link to where I get them, if you'd like.
Yea man for sure... Post the link up in here!!
If I did that, and someone saw it, I could get kicked out. Haha. We are allowed to PM links to the site to people, but not just put links anywhere.* Anyone who wants it is free to get it from me by PM, so feel free to ask.

*It's not some sort of "club," it's just that by being careful, they've survived and thrived where a lot of other sites are gone because everyone and their mother knew about it, y'know? :p
I love that show.I watch the old and new ones on youtube.

Wow, I forgot I started this thread. So long ago! Anyway, time for a bump! ;)

Well, series 17 finished not long ago and since starting this thread, we've had a full first season of Top Gear America, with season two now in progress. I like it too. There was also the whole saga of "sacked Stig"—that traitor Ben Collins—who apparently now appears semi-regularly on Fifth Gear. (I stopped watching long ago and never bothered again after I heard Tom Ford left)

I'm also digging Speed's new series The Car Show, hosted by Adam Carolla. People bemoaned him being on the unaired Top Gear America pilot, and I had concerns too, but I don't mind him at all! He is a car nut and some of rants are not only funny, but true! :p

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