Greetings once again, to one & all.

This thread shows my
fourth, fully completed 'kuztom'.


(my version of a 1968 Hot Wheels TURBOFIRE™)

... way too many very subtle modifications to try listing them all ...

The entire front end has been re-sculpted.  Damaged metal in that
area ... and my desire to add continuity to the car's over-all design,
prompted me to attempt this change.  The nose now has a curve
that echoes the wrap-around sweep of the interior's glass canopy.
Also, the metal thickness was minimized to create a sleeker shape.

The chassis was slightly re-sculpted at the front to match the work
completed on the body above it.  Also, a bit more re-contouring of the
chassis up-turn between the wheels was performed for more curvature.

(The photos above show final mirror-polishing.
New photos below show its new ‘kandy-kolor’)

I chose to nick-name my ‘69 TURBOFIRE™
because of the color I've mixed for it.  This particular Hot-Pink-Pearl

is like a 'switched-on' laser beam within most lighting conditions. This
paint job is not perfect.  There are flaws, so it might only be temporary.

The air-scoops to the engine-bay have opened up for more realism.  The
molded 'vents' in top center of the engine-cover cast have been removed.

As usual, this interior has been painted in Snow-White-Pearl, with the usual
numerous details ... though they may be hard to view due to small canopy.
The details denote (again, what would be in full-scale ... if by any chance
this wild thing could be built as one-of-kind show-car) the main
color display screens, and the needed various controls for
power movement of the canopy assembly
power movement of the engine bay-cover
interior media & climate systems
power seat comfort adjustments
air-ride height-adjustments
engine monitoring systems
overall lighting systems
rear-view cameras


Those 'Crystal-Caps' at the centers of the wheel-rims are similar to the
full-scale pieces that can be found in the custom after-market realm.
The caps do a nice job of covering up the otherwise-exposed axels.

Thank you for your viewing-time and helpful comments.

... stay happy...





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Beautiful work, very nice custom. I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to original redlines though. There are so many "rubberized" cars from Hot Wheels. The original redlines tires are part of what made then classic. This is more of a modern makeover. I can see you put lots of work into it, very talented. I enjoy your posts, thanks for contributing!
Thank You both for your nice praise.
This is the kind of input I truly value most.

Mike ... This casting is allot cooler and
better-engineered that it may first appear.
I had allot of fun customizing this particular one.
And it was tempting to leave in its un-painted finish.

I hope you’ll create a spectacular Blue-Chrome version,
and that you’ll post its images when you’ve completed it.
Success to you.

John … I have a huge amount of respect and admiration
for any ‘purist’ collector or restoration-artist. I agree with
you about the original wheel-style making them true ‘classics’.
But (just for my own personal taste) I’d always wanted to veer
away from those wheels when I modify any of my own redlines.
I’m trying to create a specific ‘family’ theme within my collection.

If I were attempting to build an authentically detailed restoration,
I would surely remain true to their time-honored component-design,
and employ the most perfect version of redline wheels I could acquire.
Even if it meant installing new replication versions from other suppliers.

I honor your input, and your dedication to caring for their original design.
Many of us are glad to have those collectors (like you) who do so.
Hey Jeffrey, Good to see you again.. You do some amazing work my friend .. I love what you have done to this its beautiful....
Thank You Chris.
Nice to see here as well.

Have a marvelous holiday season.

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