I have no idea what this car is worth. . .The Mob Rob with real rider tires. . . it was given to me by Tom Daniel it is an artist proof # 14 of 24 from his personal collection. I was shocked! SHOCKED! But very grateful!

The regular ones are selling for about $20 to $25 (1 in 50000) is this one worth double this? or more? I will never sell it. . . Should I have it insured?

I have no idea who to ask. . . so I figured someone here would know.


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The value is what it means to you. I have some proto's and one offs, I have been offered many ranges of things. If you want a real dollar value. I'd say being a proof, being 1 of 24 the value goes up. My guess is from Ebay you would get somewhere between $100 - $700 Big range but the things to remember are that you need the right bidders to see it, this is a very limited casting and new to the market so that limits how many collect it right now. Its value in real market terms would be considered like an Employee car from Mattel. If you ever do part with it, Let us know how it goes. Beautiful Score!!!

Thanks James. . . . for all this info. . . .it makes sense to me. I would never get rid of this. . . but I didn't know if it needed to be insured. I think TD is the best car designer an I consider him a friend.


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