2010 Magical Weekend Event in Orlando June 24-27 2010

DieCast Space.com has announced a convention in Orlando, FL. on June 24-27th of 2010 @ Disney's Swan and Dolphin Resort....Being a FL. resident now for 10 years in my opinion this was a VERY BAD time of the year to plan a convention in FL. during the Summer Months!! Most of the snowbirds migrate back to the north during the summer months because it's just too hot for them outside!!! My advice to all that plan on attending and being outside for any length of time.....Items to NOT leave home without......LOTS of WATER, Lots of SUNSCREEN, Plenty of sweat towels, and of course extra clothes as for they will be soaked just from walking to your car.....Someone should have done a little more homework....June wouldda been a great time to have a convention in Seattle or somewhere in the Northern States, NOT Florida.....The best time to have a convention here would be.....Late Jan. or early Feb.!!!

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Comment by Jon Wasielewski on February 11, 2010 at 11:58pm
Naw Greg it will be all indoors @ the resort and I'm sure everyone will have a GreatTime!!!.....It just seemed to me that you would want to do a show in the Northeren States in the Summer opposed to here....lol....Disney World is not Fun in June, July, and August if your going to spend anytime in the Parks as I'm sure your well aware of...lol
Comment by Gregg Alexander on February 11, 2010 at 11:25pm
Yeah, it can be pretty hot. Have gone to a few car shows and things in the summer outside and can be hot, I agree. Are you sure it is outside? Haven't been to alot of diecast shows, sounds pretty cool though.

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