… please join the fun … SILLY HOT WHEELS PUNS (oh Heaven help us)







… please join the fun …
SILLY HOT WHEELS PUNS (oh Heaven help us)

Let's see if this might bring-on some laughs.
And some creativity. Please join in … choose your
favorite casting(s) and create a silly pun with their name.

Give them a 'life' … their own 'personality'.
Choose any casting (or castings) you want to.
Choose as many as you wish … choose from any year.

Even a casting you've already seen used for this 'play-on-word'.
Live it up, and let loose … poking fun at Hot Wheels casting-names.
All in good-natured fun … a tribute to how much we love the little 'gems'.

Here's a few from
the 'golden years' of the
early RedLine era ('68 to '71) …

SILHOUETTE has become
a 'shadow' of its former self (?)

BEATNIK BANDIT was kinda naughty,
and it's hiding-out (like man, what a drag!)

TWIN MILL feels oddly
'revved-up' in a full-tilt power-trip

to have 'separation anxiety'

BEACH BOMB has 'blown the scene'
to become a beach-bum and join the surf-crowd

SWINGIN' WING swings way-too-far,
and then gets too wild for its own good

WHIP CREAMER keeps spinning itself
into a 'full-goose-bozo' frenzy (the dizzy clown!)

WHAT 4 has an odd habit
of asking "WHY NOT ??"

BUGEYE simply 'bugged-out', trying to look
like a Stealth aircraft ("I am outta here! buh-bye!")

SIX SHOOTER is always 'shooting blanks'
(um ... actually, let's NOT go there. LOL)


… (and none of the seven SPOILERS
are yet willing to 'get a new attitude') …

NITTY GRITTY KITTY likes to both
purr AND roar (how's it do THAT ??)

BOSS HOSS ... gotta to be in charge
and then 'run the whole show'

TNT BIRD has a short fuse
and can sometimes blow up too easily

KING CUDA was 'crowned'
by all of its loyal fans & followers

HEAVY CHEVY wonders if it
should go on a weird weight-loos diet

SUGAR CADDY keeps getting left
uncovered and keeps attracting ants (!)

EEVIL WEEVIL keeps playing
silly-wicked pranks way-too-often


… okay, it's YOUR turn … feel free to have a blast with this …


to ALL of you


… AND … here'a a really funny Christmas Video on YouTube.

(… prepare to laugh ...)


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Comment by Reverend Jeffrey Roberts on December 20, 2010 at 3:00pm

There ya go !!

Excellent 'pun', Steven.


Thank You for your reply my friend.

Comment by Steven Spahr on December 20, 2010 at 1:37pm

I'll give it a try. '56 FLASHSIDER, look quick, or you'll only see the tailgate. (they call him the streak)

Comment by Reverend Jeffrey Roberts on December 16, 2010 at 6:22pm

Thank you for your reply, 'Khircold' ...

and your 'pun' is good one for sure.

Comment by Khircold on December 15, 2010 at 9:32pm

Let me try, VW DRAG BUS will surely dragged the money out.

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