Traveling On Business-Local Hunting: The Usual, Zippo!

Up in remote sections of New England, pegs chock loaded with regular mainlines. I go hunting for my nephews who get a kick out of any type of chase car. Guess all store employees have second businesses on ebay!

Just reinforces my feelings about collecting original Redlines! Might be more expensive, but it's way more satisfying. A $50 tank of gas and wasted time is easily worth one nice red.

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Comment by william on March 25, 2010 at 9:47am
Yep I Can Relate!
It's Same Way Down Here Bro,You Drive To Go Find Em If You Like But, They Won't Be On The Pegs Most Of The Time Any Premium Car Is Gone,I Think The Employees Must Have A Seperate Buggy To Put The Good Stuff In Before It Ever Even Leaves The Stock Room.
I Really Like Redlines !Though I Only Have A few,& With The Ever Increasing Intrest I Find My opertunities To Obtain Em Tougher At Best Nowdays,So When I Do Get One I'm Very Pleased To Say The Least! But Truthfully I Have To Agree With Your assesment Of The Collecting Side Of The Story,Somebody Has To say It,I Think About The little Guys Too,& While Most Have Us To look Out For Em,The Time Comes when They Start To Build Collections On Thier Own,Those Little Fellas Are Faced With A Four Dollar Price Tag For A Premium Casting In Todays World & It Only Adds Insult To Injury When You Have A Store Picker Depleeting Theire Even Shot At A Special Find.When A Young Fella Rounds The endcap To The Diecast Isle With A 8 To 12 Year Olds Since Of Urgensy!Wow Then I'm Movin Over To Let that Guy Do His Work!!
Maybe Hot Wheels Should Impose An Age Limit On A Fair Number Of Premiums So Only The Little Guys Can Purchase Em,Over 21 For Booze Under 12 For The Premium Casting !YEAH LOL!Oops That Dollar Got In The Way Again.So Fix It For This Young Bunch If Ever & Whenever You Can Fellow Collectors,It Will help the hobby & brighten theire day & yours!

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